Hemmed and bolted


You will find this menu with SCREWS

under order

menu calçotada

Baskets with its own sauce, served with tile

(There is a possibility that if someone does not like the calçots, they can choose a first from the menu, let them know in advance)

Followed by grilled meat:

white sausage

pork rib confit

chicken the buti black


beans with bacon roast

roasted potato and artichoke

and dessert

our Catalan cream and apple pie

includes: water, house wine (1 for every 4 people) and coffee

* Does not include soft drinks or drinks


we also Children's menu

Macaroni and battered chicken with fries and custard or ice cream 15€

Combined children's menu - smaller amount €11

Menus cannot be shared

Allergies, intolerances - vegetarians or vegans, let us know in advance

IMPORTANT: Groups of more than 10 people will be charged the entire bill in full (the ticket is not split)

how to make onions