The camp was founded in 1995 at the hands of the family living in the house for four generations. The manor house dates from 1850, large vaults and stone walls. The former basement of the house, which for years were farms and wine vats were renovated to house the restaurant and bar, where you can sample local dishes and homemade farmer of Conchita, our cook. The area around the house, where they worked the fields and animals were also renovated to install the campsite.

Our philosophy is that you can come to relax and get away from the stress of the city with the family and to connect with nature. Here you will find shops and phone coverage will be easy, even though we try to do our best to provide wireless Internet access. What you will find is the tranquility and relaxation are in the middle of the mountain, a good walk through the forests of the Inland Catalonia, starry nights and freshly and silence to be able to sleep at night.

Our campsite is small and we like, so we can offer a more close and familiar. We are in the heart of Catalonia, a place that many people do to pass towards the mountains and there is not entered. We invite you to discover this region that have so close to home, you'll be amazed.