Theatrical visits to Cardona 🚗 25 minutes

The Astronomical Observatory of Castelltallat is located in the geographical center of Catalonia. The center is located in a natural privileged to observe, understand and enjoy the universe from nature in a point with zero light pollution. It is aimed at all audiences, both individual and collective: rural tourism enthusiasts, organized groups and corporate, schools and teachers, amateurs.

Baptism of heavenIs a first approximation to the sky, its objects and phenomena.

Looking at the Sun, proposes a new and stunning vision of the celestial object more commonplace but still very unknown. Takes place during the day, in the morning.

Marathon of the Observatory, Takes a look at various celestial nighttime hours, beginning with the observation of the sky to look after several objectives, planets, galaxies.

A l’agost hi ha una activitat ben especial – Pluja d’estels de les llagrimes de sant llorenç – els dies 10, 11, 12 i 13

You can book directly or by calling 667 529 051.