Geopark - Geological and Mining Park Central Catalonia

The Geological Park and Miner in Central Catalonia is a project that provides value to the geological and mining and tourist assets under a common denominator, the Geotourism, with an interesting and high-quality tourist offer, which integrates culture, nature, geology, mining and gastronomy. You need to understand the Geotourism as that activity that sustains, the geographical character of a place, such as culture, the environment, heritage and the well-being of its residents.

Route – the sea of central Catalonia

The route that we propose will allow you to enjoy:

  • The remains of this sea in Súria.
  • The nature of the wetlands of Santpedor.
  • Contemporary art in the restored lime kiln in Calders.
  • The unique landscape of the Meander of Calders.
  • The spectacular caves of the Toll in Moià.

Ruta de la Sal: salt route

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