Nearby routes!

Our entrance offers paths, corridors and spaces to enter. It is important, however, to bear in mind that the terrain is not completely flat, therefore, inform yourself beforehand according to your needs (for example if you intend to go by bike)

If you come with the little ones in the house, we suggest you discover the nearest entrances in a fun way. Especially through observation and calmness, it will be easier to see the animals in their natural environment.

From the campsite, there are two "signposted" routes suitable for all the public (on foot). One of 3km and one of 6km.

You can also check out the geocaching platform.

  • Here we leave you a link of the ones closest to the Campsite.
  • 3km – Circular route
  • 9km
  • Icnites - fossil footprints

4×4 route – Mines de Coal, Ermita de Sant Martí de Bertrans – Serra de Castelltallat

4×4 route – Claret de la Serra

Walking route – Hermitages and fountain

6. Peu route - Farm

7. Route

Hiking trails - present:

More info: Senderisme Rutes of Bages